Thursday, April 29, 2010

Altered Wall Sign

I am trying out all these new things for a church womens community group that I will be leading this June. I am calling it Creative I am going to be teaching the women to get in touch with their creative side that God has given each of us. Since He is the ultimate creator we will be also learning and studying verses in bible about creation, transformation and making old things new.

These hearts I got at michaels and stamped faith, hope and love then added some homemade tissue flowers. This was very fun to make.

Altered Cross

This is a cross I picked up at Michaels and painted it and added some stones and a is made to hang on the wall.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Vintage ATC

This ATC is for GrammaP's Vintage ATC swap on I am telling you I found so much inspiration for these atc' was a blast to try and find pictures for this swap.

This is my very first Vintage ATC-This is for the black/white and one other color catagory. I titled it "Contemplative" because the women looks like she is contemplating something. I crinkled the background paper and used distress inks and I am in love with fibers so I had to add that too.


These ATC's are for JeanP ABC ATC swap on This swap was so much fun....but I had these already in the package ready to go and forgot to take pictures so I had to reopen package to photograph...I hate when I do that.

N is for Nickel. You can't see the background is done in alcohol inks on glossy paper.

L is for Lillypad.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Womens Retreat Goodie Bags-TCAL Ladies-Spoiler Alert-Don't look if you want to be surprised.

Our church is having it's very first women's retreat at the end of the month. This last couple of weeks we have been preparing for what is going in the goodie bags for each lady that attends. First, I have to say when we orginally started sign ups for the retreat we on the team thought we may have 40 women sign up and every week it started to get bigger and as of this last week we have 110 women signed up to attend. That is such an answer to prayer!!! But to tell you the truth I was a little freaked out at preparing goodie bags for 110 women....I stated to think "Lord, how am I going to accomplish this? I bit off more than I can chew". But God in His gentle nudging reminded me You Tammy will not accomplish anything if you don't rely on ME and drop your pride and ask for help. So, I asked a few friend over to help and let me tell you they were all such a blessing to me. Words can not describe how much they helped me and how grateful I am to each of them. We spent a couple of long days at my house working diligently and we finished everything.

Kim and Brian Fultz (yes a man helped), Melissa White, Kelley McElreath and Kristine Pratt you have been my creative angels this last week!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now, here are just a couple items we made this last week. We made 120 of each item.

Domino Necklaces

Here is what 120 of the necklaces look like...LOL.

These are altered composition books the ladies will be using as journals for the retreat. Our theme for the retreat is "unchained" so each journal has the verse Proverbs 107:14 "He led them from the darkness and deepest gloom; He snapped their chains".

Here is what 120 journals look like.

These are just a few things going in the goodie bags, I hope each woman is blessed by the suprises waiting for her on the weekend.

Friday, April 9, 2010


These ATC's are for a swap that JeanP is hosting. We had to chose a letter and the theme had to start with that letter and the letter had to go somewhere on the ATC.

This was for the letter Y....Yarn.

This was for the letter P.....Pat A Cake

I haven't finished the other letters, but as soon as I do I will post them.

8x8 pages

These pages are for the Totally Crazy Swap Take 2 that Shonda is hosting on I chose the letter A for Addicted to Inchies. What is great about this is that each page is a little different and I put all those inchies from other swaps to very good use!!!


Instead of doing a coffee collar album for Gayle I did this birthday card holder.

This the the inside.

This is hand over the chocolate.


Here is a word book I did for Day 1 on Gibbs2.

Inside the book