Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vacation ATC's

Now that I finally have my camera all charged up I can post some much needed photos.

I am hosting an ATC swap for your favorite vacation spot or vacation event on I have always wanted to scuba dive so my first ATC is just that.

This next one is of Las Vegas, I was born there and love to gamble!! Thank God we don't live anywhere near there or my family would be living under a bridge. LOL.

I would love to go to The Great Barrier Reef to scuba dive or snorkel. I just think the little creatures in the ocean are too magnificant....God's creation just has me in awe sometimes.

Now, ever since I have been a kid I wanted to go to Greece. I think the stucco buildings, fantastically blue water and Greek food are all things I would enjoy. Besides one of my favorite movies is My Big Fat Greek that movie.

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